Over Element - Right from its very origins in 1992, Element has been driven by a passion to make positive changes in our world – both within the skateboarding world, where the brand’s roots lie, and beyond it.

Under the impetus of Johnny Schillereff, who was still quite young at the time, Element immediately relied upon the three pillars of his life: nature, art, and skateboards. These elements are still the essence of the California brand with a tree in its logo, and Element grew into a respected name among skateboarders and streetwear fans.


Element has always remained true to its roots and the tree has grown taller. On the one hand, it’s still embedded in the skateboarding culture, with Belgian pros Phil Zwijsen and Jarne Verbruggen, among others, on the team. On the other, the brand also keeps an eye on truly ecological goals, in which the four elements – wind, water, fire, and earth – hold an important place in the Element world.

Element has a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men, women, and juniors on offer. They also have a line of footwear.

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